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Last week I went to a lovely book study on the book I'm reading (see profile). The group consisted of mostly the wise (elders). I sat across from a couple in their 80s and 90s. They are also the founders of a local chapter of a National Peace organization. I was amazed and just soaked up Every one's knowledge and wisdom. I fed on each word that was said.

I left chewing on Peace without justice is appeasement. And while I realize that sometimes force is inevitable, it's hard for me to understand how some Christians and faith communities can give their blessing to war and other acts of violence...yet often withhold their blessings from loving people.

I don't understand why we can't unite as Christians in the tradition of our Christ and work together to create a world where differences are respected and conflicts are resolved non-violently.

I'd also like to hear the President, who speaks so often of his Christian faith, explain to us...how his faith has supported the war in Iraq; How did his faith help form the words in his recent speech? I'd like to know simply this:
Would Jesus Threaten Iran and Syria for no apparent reason and Send more troops to Die in Iraq?

Oh and while I'm just rambling, I heard Pat Robinson announced recently that God has declared there will be a terrorist attack and millions WILL die. I also heard he said, something like God didn't say nuclear but --
Wow....My God is not a God of Fear. I just don't believe God would tell a pastor of millions to go on national television and scare them all half to death. Happy New year and Oh, God says you will all die this year.

Interesting, isn't he that head of RR? Isn't he in frequent contact with President Bush?

What is happening ? Shouldn't Christians seek peace-- internally and externally?

Psalm 32:17 - The fruit of righteousness will be peace

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Rachel tha...

Good questions! I think I agree on a lot of points here (Christians in the public eye can do so much damage!)