e enjte, 27 dhjetor 2007

Praying for Rain

So, in the midst of the worst drought in my lifetime, I’ve been praying for rain. Today it has come to me, that I need rain in more than one way. I have so much going through my heart and mind and I’m just not able to put it in words completely. Maybe it is because of the enlightenment obtained on my mission trip in October...or maybe it is because my brother almost died at age 45 from a genetic heart condition and it should have, could have and probably will be me next, maybe it is because it drew us close again, or because it brought me close to his kids or maybe it is because my body still has not rested or maybe it is because I have finally discovered there is no turning back for me now. That which has been seen can not be unseen. The question now- is where do I go from here?

I live in the hope of resurrection. I proclaim Christ's death and resurrection, and I proclaim that Christ will come again. Advent has turned my heart and mind to all of the "comings"—God who came to us as a human – a baby, Christ Jesus, born to Mary and Joseph, Christ coming to be baptized by John, Christ coming to heal everyone and anyone and, I believe, Christ coming at the end of time.

I try to live my life with this knowledge. So, I can’t quite put into words how the (other) rain that I am praying for now is defined . But-I know that I desperately need it. I need it as seriously as the dry lake beds need it. I need it as desperately as any animal pants for water. I just don’t understand what it is I need. Desmond Tutu is known in part for his comment that when we meet another human being we shouldn't just shake their hand in greeting, we should bow to one another because we are in the presence of the Image and Likeness of God. I want to live- I try harder than ever- to live as one who truly punches a hole in the darkness that hides that very truth from our eyes – and that truth, my friends, is too often hidden from every one of us- especially from those who sit in our churches

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