e martë, 29 prill 2008

UMC General Conference

Let me start but just filling you in a bit about General Conference. General Conference is the Top policy-making group for The United Methodist Church. This group meets once every four years. The Conference can revise church law, as well as adopt resolutions on current moral, social, public policy and economic issues. It also approves plans and budgets for church-wide programs for the next four years. If I remember correctly- the UMC spent over 6 million dollars to put this thing on- I hope it's worth it.

I know the title this year is something to do with hope- Hope for a future?

One of the hot topics for policy discussion of course will be sexuality/sexual orientation and the church. I read my pastors' blog, It's on the MFSA's website. The blog gave me hope-I guess that name for the conference this year might be right on, after all- Hope for a future? I have still a little hope left- I have hope that I can stick it out- hope that the church won't split, hope that people can reconcile their differences and focus- FOCUS- Focus On Christ --not us--

It’s odd – when I was young, I always thought the UMC to be “the middle”- the middle of those touchy issues – the grey matter of the faith---Yes, that is it, it is now what I will call it. I have coined a new name for it- The grey matter of the Faith.

I say this because believe me it is grey matter – the major component of the central nervous system, consisting of nerve cell bodies – no doubt- yes the grey matter of the body of Christ. It touches the nerves of every single member.

But, reality did eventually slap me in the face. And, I now know the UMC is not the middle after all. Why would I want the middle? Well, I guess some folks may say I’m a moderate in liberal skin. But, I'm not sure - is it conservatives or is it liberals that just feel like it should be a "non-issue" I don't know I suppose that is why I just say I'm moderate- I'm not going to wave flags and instead of all this Hoop La and pulpits being overcome with “all about us” coming out sermons-not that there is not a place and time for this-there is- but it shouldn't be all about this- or this issue- it should simply and complexly be about our walk with Christ.

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